Parent Resources

Resources for Parents & Caregivers

  • Read DAILY with your child! (Not on a phone or tablet)
  • Decrease time in front of technology devices & increase interaction time with adults & other children - Read More

Grocery Store Activities:

  • Count the groceries when you take them out of the bag.
  • Sort the groceries by cans, boxes, color size, etc.
  • Describe the groceries (color, shape of container, size, heavy/small, etc) & ask your child to describe the groceries.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in the store looking for specific items.

Games in the car:

  • Talk to your child while riding in the car. 
  • Describe objects as you pass them.
  • Play I Spy & ask your child to locate different items. (I spy something red & yellow - the McDonald's sign).
  • Start singing a song, then pause & ask your child to finish the song.

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