CHES Stays Busy with STEAM Projects
Posted on 01/27/2023
Chapel Hill Elementary School has been busy with several STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities over the past few weeks.

Earlier in the month, students learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and participated in activities to help them understand and remember why we honor him in January. During this time, kindergarten, first and second graders, read the book "Martin's Big Words" and used the engineering design process to plan a design for a podium that King could have stood behind when he gave the famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

The school's third, fourth and fifth graders also read the book used the engineering design process when learning about King to create a large replica of one of King's big words. To do this, students chose a word and then planned out how to place its letters on a grid and create the design on a piece of graph paper.

Students have also been learning about the states of matter and what causes matter to change states since returning from winter break. To learn about this, they were tasked with figuring out which materials could make the best insulated house for a snowman. After choosing three materials to test, students wrapped an ice cube in their chosen materials and then waited to see which material preserved their ice cube the best after 30 minutes.

Along with learning in the classroom, teachers at CHES also planned two in-house field trips during the month of January.

For one, the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (GYSTC) visited the school to do an activity on pollination. Second graders created bees out of arts and craft supplies and then got to simulate how bees pollenate flowers.

CHES' third grade students also got a visit from the GYSTC this month to help them learn about soil types. Students conducted experiments with different soil types to determine which would be the best for growing plants in.
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