MCMS Student-Athletes Volunteer

MCMS Student-Athletes Make Dreams Come True with League of Stars
Posted on 10/23/2023
Student-athletes from Mason Creek Middle School had the opportunity to inspire and create smiles from students with special needs on September 30.

Football players and cheerleaders volunteered with Douglas County Parks and Recreation’s League of Stars at Hunter Park. For children with mental or physical challenges, the league helps their baseball dreams come true. 

“We were originally given the opportunity to volunteer on the opening weekend of the League of Stars, but it was rained out due to weather,” said MCMS football coach Brad Miller. “My kids were super excited about it and when we weren’t able to help out I could see how disappointed they were and they all immediately started asking if we would get another chance, and luckily we did just a few weeks later.”

Upon arriving at the field in the morning, League of Stars players first picked MCMS football players to review the game’s fundamentals. Then, each player got to take a turn at bat with their assigned football player, and the two ran the bases together. When they were not at bat, the pairs played defense together. While the football players assisted the athletes on the field, MCMS’ cheerleaders provided encouragement by cheering everyone on during the game. 

“It was really inspiring as a coach to see my cheerleaders interacting with all the players. They taught some of the players cheers and played baseball with them,” said MCMS cheerleading coach Hope Carnes. “Seeing the joy it brought to my cheerleaders, the players and families was heartwarming.  Our team is looking forward to working with A League of Stars again.”

Following the first game, MCMS’ student-athlete volunteers stuck around to assist a second group of League of Stars players during the afternoon game. Though this group was older and didn’t need as much help, everyone was active in cheering on the athletes and encouraging them to do their best.

“It ended up being one of the greatest things I’ve got to do as a coach with my players. We just finished an undefeated regular season, and I’m super proud of my boys, but not as proud as I was seeing them that day at the League of Stars,” said Miller. “Winning football games is great but having a positive impact on the people around you is far more important.”
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