Arbor Station Students Build Literacy Skills With Multisensory Techniques
Posted on 04/11/2024
Educators and students at Arbor Station Elementary School are using mirrors as part of an innovative approach to reading instruction.

Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) is a professional development course designed to enhance educators' understanding of effective reading instruction and the importance of early intervention in promoting literacy. As part of the approach, the course promotes the use of multisensory techniques to engage students in the learning process.

One such innovative technique involves providing kindergartners with mirrors during phonics and articulation exercises. By observing their own mouth movements as they make different sounds and articulate various letters and words, students are able to develop a deeper awareness of phonemic patterns and speech production.

Educators working with LETRS have reported positive outcomes from the use of mirrors in the classroom.

"The incorporation of mirrors into our literacy curriculum has allowed students to actively engage with the process of forming sounds and words," remarked Kim Weathington, the Arbor Station Elementary School Kindergarten Lead Teacher. "Not only have we seen improvements in their speech clarity, but we've also noticed heightened enthusiasm and participation in phonics activities," she added.
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