Mason Creek Students Take Part in Fun Activities for Pi Day
Posted on 03/21/2024
MCMS students got to taste pie on Pi Day.Students at Mason Creek Middle School celebrated Pi Day on March 14 by taking part in several fun activities, including eating pie and studying the circumference of circles.

ALP teacher Karen Hunter and ELA/social studies teacher Candace Ramsay talked to their students about why Pi Day is celebrated on 3.14. They also looked at different circular items, such as cookies, pizza and tires and learned about diameter, radius and circumference.

Hunter and Ramsay’s students ended their day by tasting different types of pie — cherry, apple and peach.

Math teacher Rhonda Roman said her seventh-grade students are currently studying the area and circumference of circles.

For Pi Day, Roman’s students calculated the circumference of hula hoops after using measuring tapes to measure the diameter. Her students also used other circular items to calculate circumference and area, using Pi in their calculations.

“We had a great Pi Day,” Hunter said.
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