SDES Electricity

SDES Fifth Graders Get A Charge Out of Learning About Electricity
Posted on 02/02/2024
A South Douglas fifth-grader rubs a balloon to create static electricity.South Douglas Elementary School fifth graders are busy learning about electricity.

Students have enjoyed multiple labs and hands-on learning activities while exploring the differences in static electricity and human harnessed electricity.

Students created static electricity with friction by rubbing balloons in their hair and with wool. After seeing the static electricity in their hair and learning that it was like charges repelling each other, students then tested pepper, salt, paper, and Styrofoam to see if a charged balloon would pick up those items.

"I love providing my students with exciting learning experiences that get them asking questions, collaborating together, and learning, all while having fun,” said fifth grade teacher Jennifer Gillespie. “This truly is one of those days you are so thankful to be a part of seeing student engagement and high quality learning.”
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