Students Practice Hands-On Learning in Science

DCSS Students Practice Hands-On Learning in Science
Posted on 02/15/2022
Cells, Cells, Cells at AWES

Students at Annette Winn Elementary School in Mrs. Torsha Moore’s 5th grade science class have been learning about both animal and plant cells. At the culmination of the unit, the students used their knowledge in an instructional approach known as project based learning.

Using a variety of materials and engaging with newly learned content these students created cell works of art. As a way to engage them and give opportunities for showing what they know these students worked independently to design cell models.

There have been many positive comments about how impressive the projects are. Students are well versed in knowledge now. The brightly colored and uniquely designed cell projects are displayed in the foyer of AWES, for all to see and enjoy!

Pictured from left to right are Kameron Webb, Jason Essex and Anesia Hayden.

Students (L-R) Kameron Webb, Jason Essex and ANesia Hayden show off their cell projects

MCMS has a Hair-Raising Day in Science

Eighth grade students at MCMS had a HAIR-RAISING experience while exploring forces! After learning about the three ways that charges transfer, students got to experience first hand the conduction of electric charge by using a Van de Graaff generator.

First, the students would stand on a plastic crate, acting as an insulator between their bodies and the ground! Then the generator was turned on and the charges transferred to the students' bodies through conduction. Since the insulator stopped the flow of electricity, the charges built up inside of the students causing a hair-raising experience!

Student working on experimentStudent learning about elextricity
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